Worx Software

Worx Software

The Ideal Solution.

TagworX is a ‘lite’ management system that uses barcodes and RFID to uniquely identify items for inventory and asset management applications. It’s easy to install and provides asset and stock management anywhere, on any device. TagworX can also be used to manage any number of assets, from a stock room to an entire building. This is ideal for facilities management, or simply to know where everything is, when it was put there or taken away.

TagworX Benefits

  • Multiple applications including Healthcare
  • GS1 Approved Barcodes
  • Reduce processing Time
  • Improved Productivity and Efficiency
  • Maintain Up-to-the -second inventory
  • Reduce unnecessary recording
  • eliminate out of stocks
  • Re-stock goods promptly
  • Improve customer order accuracy and satisfaction
  • Improve fulfilment

The TagworX Portal

The TagworX portal securely keeps track of the movement of goods into and out of locations, so users always know where items are. It keeps a running history of each item so stock can also be tracked over time. 

TagworX, NiceLabel and Zebra offer inventory and asset management, barcode and RFID scanning, alongside the ability to use thousands of ready-made label designs that can be customised if required.

TagworX provides an agile, fluid, user-friendly and holistic approach to mobilising inventory management and label printing – wherever that may be.

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