CortexDecoder for Epic Rover

Data Storage

CortexDecoder does not contain any type of data storage or cache. When barcodes are scanned, it simply decodes the barcode and immediately sends the decoded data into Epic Rover for use. Once this data is passed to the parent application, it no longer resides within CortexDecoder.

Data Transfer or Communication

CortexDecoder does not transfer any data - at any point ever - outside of Epic Rover. The only data transfer allowed by CortexDecoder is the pass-through of the decoded data from CortexDecoder into Epic Rover so that the parent application may use the data.

License Activation

Epic Rover enjoys a special license agreement with CortexDecoder which does not require any online activation or check-in to servers at any time. CortexDecoder never communicates with any internet servers at any time.


CortexDecoder does not capture any analytics and therefore does not transfer any analytics data to outside servers.

Internet Access

There is never any attempt by CortexDecoder to access any internet servers for any reason at any time.

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