TagworX Inventory Management

TagworX Inventory Management

TagworX Software: Track & Manage All Assets With Ease

“It’s never been more cost-effective to make your operations smoother, and your life easier.”

TagworX is a quick-to-install, easy-to-implement asset and inventory management platform that can be used on any device, anywhere. It’s totally hybrid; which means you can switch between barcode and RFID data capture with the click of a button. 

Never lose sight of your assets, inventory, and personnel.

TagworX is flexible enough to manage anything from a laptop storeroom to an entire supply chain, and easily scalable so it can adapt to your growing operations. Out-of-the-box or specially configured: TagworX can be implemented quickly and optimised to meet your specific needs.

Types of Assets:

  • Fixed Assets – TagworX can provide audit trails and lifecycle management for laptops, tables, and chairs.
  • Mobile Assets – TagworX can help you keep track of your pallets, cages, totes, and trolleys.
  • Personnel – TagworX can show you the precise location of at-risk personnel or personnel passing through high-risk environments.
  • Inventory – TagworX can streamline pick-and-pack operations and prompt users when stock is low.

Four Main Benefits:

  1. Embrace RFID – TagworX is compatible with both barcode and RFID technology, which makes it easy for your systems to evolve.
  2. Automate Stock Checks – TagworX is automatically updated with information captured at the edge of your operations, be it from handheld scanners or fixed readers.
  3. Improve Asset Visibility – TagworX stores information about your assets so you can see where they have been and where they are going at any given point in time.
  4. Prevent Theft & Losses – TagworX allows you to set automatic alerts and exceptions to help you manage and action theft and losses.