NiceLabel Cloud

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NiceLabel cloud is a label design software that can be used remotely over the web, containing a multitude of modules (designer, application builder, integration system, web printing system) connected to and licensed by the NiceLabel Cloud account. This account then acts as a storage base for all your label templates, accessible over the web.

NiceLabel Cloud is a Software as a Service product, on a subscription basis following a cost per printer per month scheme.

It offers a variety of editions to your business.

The entry level – Label Cloud Essentials.

Fully featured management system – Label Cloud Business.

Highly customisable management for enterprise 100+ printers – Label Cloud Unlimited.

NiceLabel’s remote capabilities makes label design easier than ever before, with options to be used on any computer of your business’ choosing. Making designing delivery notes and invoices easier than ever. 

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NiceLabel Cloud includes a built-in label designer that delivers a familiar Microsoft Word-like user experience. You can quickly design professional labels and multi-page supply chain documents, such as delivery notes, packing slips and invoices. No IT help, barcoding knowledge or designer training necessary.

Centrally store your labels and access them from anywhere

NiceLabel Cloud contains a centralized storage system for all your labels. Access the latest, up-to-date label templates anytime, anywhere, from a web browser.

Manage all your printers remotely via the web

The Control Centre in NiceLabel Cloud saves you time and ensures your printers are ready to go. You can provision printers and update printer family drivers, manage printer settings for hundreds of printers and define role-based controls granting users access to their local printers.

Dashboard detailing:

  • Any recent printing activity
  • Any recent errors
  • all computers currently signed into your cloud account
  • Common actions which allow you to download the Nicelabel suite, or web client as well as add new printers
  • Any outstanding workflow requests that require your attention
  • Licensing information

Authentication and authorization

NiceLabel Label Cloud transfers user identification to external authentication providers who let the users log in using their existing login credentials. Once the users are identified, the Label Cloud’s authorization process grants these users access to certain parts of the software as configured in the Access Roles.

There are two types of authentication available with NiceLabel Label Cloud products:

Microsoft account. This is Microsoft cloud-based directory and identity management service. If you use Office 365, you are already using this service. If you have an on-premise Active Directory set up, there are chances you are already synchronizing your Active Directory to the cloud – Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AAD). Typically, you would use the Microsoft account and AAD for corporate users who are members of your organization. NiceLabel Label Cloud Business edition and above support integration with corporate user directories.

You can also use the personal Microsoft accounts with the Label Cloud if your company does not have the Office 365 / Azure Active Directory set up. The users are not integrated with the Label Cloud account out-of-the-box (as are when using Office 365 / Azure Active Directory), but you can invite them separately and assign them with a specific role in a system.

Google Sign-in. This is Google’s authentication system enabling users to log in with their Google accounts. Typically, you would use this authentication type for external users. These are users that are not members of your organization and are not subject to your company’s access policy. Google authentication is useful if you use Web Applications to extend label printing to contract manufacturers, third-party logistic partners, and suppliers. These users can log in using the same credentials as they use for their Gmail accounts.

Google users can be also assigned with another role inside the Label Cloud’s Document Management System and are not limited to the Web printing role only.

Analytics can show you various metrics regarding printing activity, such as:

  • How many print actions for a particular label file
  • How many labels each printer has printed
  • Summary of printer group activity
  • How many labels each user has printed
  • Which computers or applications/solutions have printed which labels

A Centralised storage within the dashboard interface for easy access to files:

  • Keeps a detailed account of your files
  • Familiar layout
  • Key information of each file, date created, modification dates and users. 
  • Key File logs
  • File recovery

Powerful Automation Tools

Automation builder allows a business to integrate their current business systems to Label cloud. 

With the use of Nicelabel APi's businesses can print labels directly to IoT enabled printers (Link OS Zebra, Sato or Epson) without any integration, automation or user input. Data can be sent directly from existing business system (e.g. SAP S/4HANA or Oracle NetSuite) to the Nicelabel APi, routed through the Cloud account and directed to the printer as required. Nicelabel have API's to perform similar actions for legacy printers (Non IoT) with the help of an on-site automation.

The Cloud Trigger does not require opening any ports in your firewall to enable the HTTP requests. Your local integration system uses the industry-proven method for accessing the cloud-based services, so you can deploy local printing in a secure and time efficient way