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Working in conjunction with Alternative Logic as their Premier Partner in this space, Bar Code Data Group offers a complete turnkey solution incorporating a secure, cloud-hosted software platform for tracking specimens down to individual item level, all in real-time. Bar Code Data provides a single-source solution for the transportation of samples and blood products from the GP Practice through to the processing laboratory across different healthcare disciplines, such as Blood Sciences, Histopathology, and Cytology. Our secure transportation solution provides significant financial and operational benefits, ensuring compliance with legal mandates, DCB0129 compliance and healthcare KPI’s all under the watchful eye of our Registered Chief Nurse & Strategy Director.

With the advancement of modern technology, our solution also incorporates the use of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), this helps minimise & identify lost samples from their origination, driving efficiencies and enhancing patient outcomes. We can also track the temperature of samples whilst in transit, all detailed on our dedicated web portal, for administrators and Pathology staff to monitor progress, workloads and tasks for team members.

To help monitor stock, our dedicated stock control module can keep on top of inventory levels of consumable items and reagents to ensure minimal loss and ease of re-ordering with dedicated alerts as standard.

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Laboratory Transport Case

  • In conjunction with ice packs, these validated cases allow the moving of laboratory samples at  the correct temperature     
  • Can be manufactured in an antimicrobial PVC material that will combat 99.9% of bacteria
  • Various tamper evident seals options are available to ensure security whilst in transit
  • Unique barcode label or RFID tag to each case to enable tracking in transit
  • Can be personalised with the Hospital or Trust name

Polythene Transport Bags

  • LDPE transport bags with self-adhesive closure
  • Easy entry perforations to make processing easier
  • Made to a size that suits your needs
  • Optional absorbent pads can be inserted
  • Barcoded to assist with tracking the samples whilst in transit
  • Custom printed to your required design

Leakproof Specimen Bags

  • If leakage occurs, it is contained and does not contaminate other samples in the same consignment, which is key in avoiding unnecessary costly delays
  • Manufactured of HDPE to offer a higher level of puncture resistance
  • Edge-to-edge leakproof self-adhesive seal
  • Additional peelable adhesive strip on the reverse to attach a request form if needed Easy entry tabs at the base of the bag
  • Custom printed
  • Sequential barcode can be added to the print design if needed

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Tracit360 has been developed jointly with our software partners who are a well-established supplier of software solutions to the NHS.

This GS1-certified sample tracking track and trace software solution offers the user the ability to establish exactly where products are whilst they are on the move. This applies to the movement of pharmacy products, laboratory samples and other non-healthcare assets.

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