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Tobacco Products Directive (TPD)

Are you ready to the TPD (Tobacco Products Directive) Legislation? 

By May 2019, every business involved in the tobacco supply chain needs to transform the way they track and report on products.
The Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) sets new expectations for how the supply chain tackles issues of public health and illegal tobacco products. Whether you’re in distribution, wholesale, retail or logistics, the changes will affect you.

Right down to a packet level, you’ll need to:

  • Adopt serialisation with unique IDs and scan 2D data carriers.
  • Track product movement, even as units are broken down, re-packed or combined.
  • Record all event data associated with the movement of tobacco products.

All organisations within the tobacco supply chain must ensure their operations are compliant with the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) or risk facing financial and economic consequences. This legislation is being implemented to combat illegal tobacco trade and protect public health and state budgets.

Track & Trace cloud solutions will be the key to the deliverability, this software will integrate to make sure operations are compliant, all devices supplied will have the necessary apps, and software installed.

We can provided devices that can scan all required symbology that are authorised for use within the tobacco supply chain under the new regulations: linear barcode, data-matrix, QR-codes and of course the 2D dot-code that is used on individual packages.

The performance of the scanning capabilities is particularly crucial. As the Tobacco Products Directive adds an extra process at each point in the supply chain, it is important that each scan can be done as quickly and accurately as possible to minimise any possible disruption.

Three of your biggest challenges include:
A strict 24-hour reporting timeline. Scanning doesn’t just have to be compatible – it has to be fast, convenient and seamlessly connected to primary and secondary repositories.
Capturing every product and every event. You need to support processes in both directions – not just the onward journey of tobacco products, but returns and assembly into master cases and pallets.

Aggregating your data. From picking an order to removing master cartons from a pallet, breaking them down, and mixing orders, the journey of every product needs to tracked end-to-end.

Scanning is just the start. To achieve compliance, you need the track and trace technology that can integrate into existing operational flows.

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TDP Legislation

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