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We had a requirement, which was quite complex, but Bartender listened and delivered a fantastic labelling solution for us. Was most impressed by the label duplicator and software training that was provided.


The Zebra G Series Printers, Bartender & Zebra Cryocool Labelling Materials


Allows the users to print unique labels on demand which means the storage of patient cells can be effectively identified and tracked.

WideCells Ltd are an international specialist provider of stem cell services who are pioneering healthcare and advancing innovative therapies, carrying out life changing research and offering medical training to their customers around the world.  A major part of the services they offer involves stem cell storage, which can be used for transplantation in hospitals .In order to store stem cells and other cell products, WideCells Ltd have to conform to the latest European guidelines by applying an SEC (Single European Code) Code with an ISBT standard to all the samples they process under the latest 2004/23/E European Directive.


In order to achieve these standards, Bar Code Data’s Print & Media Specialist, Jon Houghton, recommended using the Zebra GK430T Printer along with Zebra Cryocool Labels, Zebra 5 095 Ribbons and Bartender Label Design Software.  With a small amount of vial space to work with, the 300dpi resolution printers allowed to fit all the information they needed on to the labels.  Bar Code Data’s software team helped to set up the label designs so that they conformed to the legislation by including all the required ISBT information and ensuring that number sequences could not be duplicated in error.  The Zebra Cryocool and 5095 Resin Ribbon was thoroughly tested and was the perfect solution for storing the cell samples in temperatures as low as -80 degrees. 

One of the challenges facing WideCells Ltd was that the system had to have a mechanism in place so that the number fields could not be duplicated in error.  However, in certain circumstances like when a sample is split, duplicate bar codes had to be created so that any sample could be traced back to the original source.  To solve this problem Bar Code Data created a standalone system using the Zebra DS-6878 Bluetooth Scanner and a G Series Printer which was pre-programmed to duplicate any scanned data.  This allowed the laboratory technicians to accurately duplicate ISBT and SEC codes in a controlled environment outside of the main system.

Damilola Aboyeji, the Group Laboratory Manager for Widecells Ltd had been tasked to get a system implemented within a strict time frame and said “We required a system which would allow us to label and guarantee our traceability of all our samples, and Bar Code Data delivered. They listened to our requirements and the installation of the software and printers took less than half a day."

Bar Code Data Ltd are Premier Business Partners and an Elite Supplies Specialist with Zebra Technologies which allows us to supply a full range of label printers, bar code scanners, Zebra labels and ribbons.  As well as supplying branded Zebra products, we also manufacture our own range of plain and pre-printed custom labels in various materials and adhesives that are suited to healthcare, medical research as well as many other industries.

For more information on how Bar Code Data Ltd can help you implement labelling systems for your laboratory or business, please contact our specialists below or telephone us on 0161 330 0077.

Jon Houghton – Print & Media Specialist – jon@bcdata.co.uk

"In our experience of working with Barcode Data we have been supplied with a service which has totally satisfied our company’s needs.

Bar Code Data provided an open and friendly approach to business focused on our exact requirements.

From initial enquiry through project implementation to after sales service Bar Code Data have supplied an excellent service. We would have no hesitation in recommending or using Bar Code Data’s services again."

Dami Aboyeji

Group Laboratory Manager