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At Bar Code Data we are all about smarter ways of working & sharing these with our clients, utilising emerging technologies to do things better. Introducing the most advanced asset for managing your people in these COVID Times

Zebra MotionWorks Proximity, a system to sense and alert frontline workers when they are too close to co-workers and offer contact tracing.


As you prepare your business – and your people – for the new normal, you need a proven solutions leader you can trust. Keep your employees safe, prevent shutdowns and support compliance with changing regulations.

With Zebra MotionWorks Proximity you can manage contact tracing and help employees reduce risk of exposure. Our solution alerts and reminds employees to maintain social distancing proactively, while also creating a record of proximity events for reporting purposes. Our dashboard helps you identify patterns where social distancing is not being maintained and ensure a safe working environment for all. Your constant companion, it’s made to perform in your environments and workflows. Engineered for enterprise, it installs remotely in a matter of days — with zero new infrastructure. As you bring your business back to production, Zebra’s by your side.

Give workers the freedom to do their jobs. Turn productivity devices into safety tools with intuitive, onboard training support. Use Zebra's Android™ mobile computers or BLE bridges with MotionWorks Proximity to securely contact trace and alert* workers to reduce risk. Show workers at-a-glance that their shared device is sanitized. Stay informed with live analytics reports, available on the web-based dashboard. Confirm compliance. Ensure safety.

Eliminate guesswork. Leverage Zebra’s proven reputation delivering leading enterprise solutions. Zebra MotionWorks Proximity gives you the ability to implement a comprehensive safety solution based on best practices to match your environment and workflows. Our turnkey solution uses Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® to give you the security and control you need, along with the scale, support and expertise you expect from Zebra.

Zebra MotionWorks Proximity can be deployed easily in a matter of days. Quickly roll out the application to your existing supported Zebra devices, or purchase devices that are already configured and staged. This cloud-based solution is remotely installed and managed by Zebra and requires no additional infrastructure investment. Zero touch. Zero hassles. Proven performance to protect your everyday heroes.

The Zebra solution includes both an on-device application and cloud-based SaaS software. The on-device application runs the sensing algorithm and logs sensed data that is sent to the cloud, and also generates user-level proximity alerts. The cloud software is readily accessible via a web-browser, is managed by Zebra and includes 24/7 monitoring and support. This software receives sensing data and applies analytics to provide a view of current proximity events via a live dashboard, as well as a report for historical views. In the event of an exposure, our contact trace report allows your company to quickly and accurately determine potentially impacted employees, so you can notify them and take action.

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